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    校園新聞 通知公告

    二模如期而至,云端考試精益求精 The Mock Exam

    發布日期:2022-04-30 08:37:00


    Last week, our school has completed the online second Mock Exam for IG, AS and A2.To ensure that the online exams run smoothly, the school teaching management and invigilators havemade thorough preparation in advance.



    Before the exam, the school teaching management formulated a set of Instructions for online Second Mock Exam, including exam preparation, exam notes, scanning and submission of answer papers.All the teachers attended the online invigilation training meeting, and studied the invigilation requirements and details carefully.All the students got familiar with the process and requirements of the test, and adjusted the computer equipment in advance, and made adequate preparation before the test.



    The second Mock Exam adopted a visualized mode, and the school had specific requirements for students' sitting posture and camera Angle.The invigilator supervise the students through online videos to ensure the authenticity of the scores.The students took exams seriously and the whole examination process was orderly.After the exam, the students scanned and took photos as required, and completed the uploading task within the specified time.









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