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    校園新聞 通知公告

    “疫”起學習,備考不停 |線上課程有序穩步進行 The Online Courses

    發布日期:2022-04-08 10:24:00


    In the early spring, facing the sudden changes in the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic prevention, our school promptly launched the emergency plan and implemented the online teaching plan in a timely, orderly and effective manner.The online courses have been suspended for almost a week, and teachers had lessons and shared resources with students through DINGDING. 








    Since the launch of online courses, teachers have made online classes more lively and interesting in their own ways by using online platforms for live teaching, online interaction, video recording, study group establishment, after-class Q&A, homework feedback, etc.





    The online coursesare even more a challenge for students, requiring students to improve their self-restraint ability and motivation for independent learning, and cultivate their sense of responsibility. However, by persevering in this way, students can gain more and more self-discipline.Students can also tap into more advantages from the online courses, for example, they can repeatedly watch the video recording of the content that cannot be digested in the live class, so as to conquer the difficult points of knowledge.In short, whether online or offline, the most important thing is to correct your attitude towards learning, so we hope our students can cherish this special learning experience.




    We are all looking forward to return to the beautiful campus as soon as possible!


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