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    家校聯動,“疫”起守護|線上家長會順利開展 Special Online Meeting

    發布日期:2022-04-08 09:09:00



    After the 1st Mock Exam in the second semester of 2022 academic year, our school carried out the special online meeting for IG and AS parents in this special period.The online meeting was divided into the grade meeting and the class meeting.



    The IG online meeting firstly washosted by Rick, NTFLS teaching director. He firstly made a detailed analysis of the results of the 1st Mock Exam and put forward the following suggestions for the learning of each subject: ① Pay attention to the memory of knowledge points;② Practice and sort out the wrong questions;③ Refine the key points and review effectively.


    As the 2022 CAIE examination is entering the countdown, Rick introduced the examination forms that parents are most concerned about, and the contigency plan for the cancellation of CAIE---Protfolio of Evidence in the face of special situations in various countries and regions.He reminded parents that no matter whether the CAIE exam can be carried out normally, our students should correct their attitude, do enough self-consciousness and self-discipline, study and review many times, and enhance understanding.Finally, Rick introduced the course selection requirements and suggestions for selecting courses when entering AS.



    The AS online meeting was divided into two parts. Firstly,Rick, NTFLS teaching director, analyzed the results of the 1st Mock Exam, and introduced the plan of the CAIE exams in May and June of 2022 and the learning arrangements and suggestions during the online course. Meanwhile, he also put forward suggestions for the students of AS on the following IELTS learning.



    Then, Mandy introduced the matters related to the college application for AS parents. She explained in detail the planning and arrangement of application time, the introduction of each major and how to choose the major, the importance of PS, the analysis of the advantages of schools in various countries, the application process and deadline, etc.


    After the grade meeting, the home teacher of each classorganized the class parents' meeting to further analysethe results of 1st Mock Exam of each student. The home teachers of IGintroduced the IELTS learning plan and the significance of academic competition. They hoped parents to encourage their children to actively participate in activities and competitions inside and outside the school.Finally, it is hoped that parents can urge their children toattend online lessons and finish homework efficiently, cultivate their sense of responsibility and help them set up learning goals.




    The online meeting was quite special, but all the parents actively cooperated with the teachers and communicated with them online after the meeting.Home-school cooperation to ensure students' study and life;The interaction between home and school will jointly promote the healthy growth, academic improvement and all-round development of our students.

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