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    校園新聞 通知公告

    慈善義賣|攜手同行,點亮希望 A charity sale

    發布日期:2022-03-31 16:34:59



    On the afternoon of March 22nd, NTFLS held a charity sale with the theme of “Forward Together and Light up the Hope”. We adhered to the concept of "accumulating small kindness into great love" and spread the warmth.






    Each group arranged their stalls in an orderly manner, and combined with their own "shop" characteristics designed exquisite posters and slogans. They carefully decorated their "small shops". Books, dolls, handwork, flowers and plants, and other beautiful items were displayed on the booth. The most popular part was a variety of food. Students showed off their excellent cooking skills, making delicious food: pasta, milk tea, sushi, fruit salad and so on.


    In order to attract more customers and raise more money for charity, the students all worked hard to introduce and promote their goods, and the whole bazaar was very lively. Some students came up with a lot of novel ideas, such as playing chess, playing guitar and singing. The girls became florists, who patiently match and pack bouquets for "customers", and their meticulous and professional attitude attracts many customers.




    With the hard work of each group, all the goods in the charity sale were almost wiped out within two hours. Everyone was actively dedicated to their strong love. 


    All the proceeds from the charity sale will be donated to Nantong Special Education Center. Through this activity, we learn to offer help, forward together and light up the hope. We will continue to pass on the love and hope in the future.

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